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The NeuroCollective is currently primarily collecting English and German dictionary data to build up a most complete set for an experiment that we posted the idea a few months back. The direct translations between the languages are human-reviewed through linguists and various code extractions that are compared to existing public dictionaries and translation memory. Within this project, we offer to compare our data against your data, mostly to identify ‘conflict’ and give out linguists something to think about. Our data is not limited to dictionary data, the system is actually recording translated word combinations and with it creating TMX style translation memory of very precise form, not the Europarl parallel content type garbage.

In addition, we are operating with coding systems as separate languages and thus allow direct mapping of coding systems to interlingual segments and generate translated phrases for the codes.

If you are interested in e.g. marking up your data (POS, gender, morphemes, …) or check some bulk translations, categorizations, look for customizations, etc., drop us a note at sales@neurocollective.com.


Utilize our experience in dealing with large amounts and diverse types of data, from all kinds of legacy applications.

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