Translation memory mining from the Europarl corpus

We came up with a little challenge over Christmas – while ruminating. The challenge was to come up with a process to automatically identify proper (used) noun phrases from one language to another. This seems to be a simple enough task for a human but is a bit challenging for a computer. To set the […]

2017 X-Mas Puzzle

I am thinking about the following experiment and was wondering if it was already done before and what the results were. Problem setting: I have a noun phrase, in language L1, composed of adjective A1 and noun N1 and I want to automatically translate it (create a semantic sense link) into a corresponding noun phrase […]

Mentalese Anyone?

Funny, even the spell checker does not know what I am talking about. Been reading some books recently in the field of cognitive science. One of them, Benjamin Bergen’s “Louder than Words” kind of got me started with this whole ‘Mentalese’ stuff, but I suspended reading the book for now. I do have some disagreements […]

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