Mentalese Anyone?

Funny, even the spell checker does not know what I am talking about. Been reading some books recently in the field of cognitive science. One of them, Benjamin Bergen’s “Louder than Words” kind of got me started with this whole ‘Mentalese’ stuff, but I suspended reading the book for now. I do have some disagreements […]

A Blast from the Past

Went through the archives today and found the attached pdf, a hand-made graph depicting some relationships in the system. This is from February of 2009! I used to draw a lot of these on a grease board to figure out what was going on in the system while it was being developed. This all is […]

Full Circle? An Opinion

The traditional approach of accessing data from a computer system is through some form of organized data storage, e.g. a database. The limitations so far have been that the structure of the data had to be very specific and the preparation of the data and the software to access it was complicated, but once the […]

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